Bannière : restauration de mosaïque par Astrid Maréchaux-Maillard

Restauration Mosaïques
Astrid Maréchaux-Mailard

Conservator of Mosaics and Archaeological Objects

A perfect blend between Art History, Sciences and manual know-how.

  • Consolidation of a ceramic
  • Cleaning of a mosaic
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  • Memorial, Sens
  • Removal of a mosaic made on asbestos
  • Broken mosaic from a church
  • Removal of roman mosaics from Auch
  • Restoration of a ceramic
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The Company “Restauration Mosaïques”...

... offers a large variety of services in preservation-restoration for both antic and modern mosaics, on pavements, murals, and archaeological sites. We also provide preservation-restoration services for archaeological objects in both glass and ceramic.

During an archaeological excavation or generally on any dig site, these artistic pieces often require immediate interventions for their preservation. Whether it is for Museums or in the private sector, this heritage must be preserved, maintained and valorised.

The Company “Restauration Mosaïques” offers services, may they be in situ, in museum's collection or storage, in a workshop or in private edifices, in France or abroad.

Current Events


Mosaic XIXth century

Golden mosaic, Carnavalet museum (Paris)

Behind the King Henri IVth sculpture, a big background is composed by tesserae with golden leaves

In situ restauration

Chantoiseau house mosaic

Cleaning and conservation of a XIXth mosaic

The entrance of the logis de Chantoiseau, built in the XIXth century, is covered by a marble mosaic...

Collection inventory

Cleaning of a mask

Collection inventory, health study, conservation-restoration, repackaging (Saï Island, Sudan)

Treatment of the french excavations collections...

Tesselles de mosaïque en provenance de Damas

Restauration Mosaïques

Astrid (Maréchaux) Maillard

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Mobile anywhere in France and in all mediterranean countries